Software & Documents


Mac OS Version:
Installer (version 1.1) Download from here [Download]
User’s Manual (Updated on 2016/7/17) [Download]

Windows Version:
Installer (version 1.1) Download from here [Download]
User’s Manual (Updated on 2016/3/24) [Download]


Windows Version:
Installer (version 1.2) [Download]
User’s Manual (Updated on 2014/12/18) [Download]
Syntax and Data Examples (MCMC GGUM) [Download]

Development History:
Version 1.2 (2014/10/02)
Version 1.2 (2014/10/02)
Version 1.1 (2014/08/21)
Version 1.0 (2014/03/10)
Version 0.9 (2014/01/12)

Developed R Scripts & Functions:

To Remove homogeneous responses [Download]

Teaching Resources

How to sign up Qualtrics accounts using UCF affiliation? [Download the Instructions]

How to access SPSS through UCF Apps?

UCF Apps is a service available to all students to use SPSS from your favorite device, whether you have a desktop, laptop, or tablet. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can access UCF Apps.
To use UCF Apps on a computer running Windows or Mac OS: (1) Visit; (2) Enter your NID and NID password; (3) Install the Citrix Receiver client when prompted; (4) Start using your apps!
To use UCF Apps on your Android or iOS (iPad) device: (1) Go to your device app store; (2) Search for, download, and install the free Citrix Receiver App; (3) Click add account, and fill out the prompts with the following information: [Address:; Username: Your NID; Password: Your NID password; Domain: net]; (4) Add SPSS and other applications you need; (5) Start using your apps!

Note: for the best experience, save your work to the Knight Drive (K). The Knight Drive is networked file space that is available on every device on which you use UCF Apps, as well as the Library and other campus public lab spaces.
For support: If you have issues, questions, or feedback regarding UCF Apps, visit For additional help, you can also visit the Student Support Desk in Technology Commons, or contact the UCF Service Desk at 407-823-5117.

Useful Links

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Computational Social Science Institute (U of Massachusetts)
The Computational Social Science Society of the Americas
Georgia Tech Computational Behavioral Science 
[Book] Computational Modeling of Behavior in Organizations 
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