In today’s new era of information technology, we are constantly generating different varieties of data at an unprecedented rate; yet how to effectively turn such massive data into useful information and meaningful wisdom is a challenge. This is especially true for psychologists as our goal is to understand, predict, and intervene behaviors in the environment of overwhelmingly large amount of information.
Our Laboratory embraces this era of challenge and excitement. Specifically,  our Laboratory seeks to derive insightful wisdom to advance our current understanding of behaviors by harnessing the massive data with state-of-the-art Big Data techniques along with a variety of analytical methods, including social network analysis, applied psychometrics, text analysis, etc.
Our research topics in the laboratory include turnover, work stress, employee engagement, leadership and team process, emotional intelligence, personality, and personnel selection and assessment that are surround and related to people analytics. Our daily basis analytical tools are R and Python, we also develop computer programs in C++ and analyze data with MPlus.

Lab News & Events

Dr. Wang’s new paper received The Academy of Management Best Convention Paper Award, in addition to The Academy of Management Best Paper Proceeding Award (August, 2016)

This study examines and demonstrates an integrated network contagion model of job satisfaction-turnover intention-voluntary
turnover. We find the turnover contagion effect via social ties in an organization is almost as large as the effect of the most proximal cause of actual turnover: one’s own turnover intention.

Our newly published Big Data research on work stress and emotion on Twitter is reported in

COSNEWSBig Data in Psychology: Tweets, Work and Stress (May 23, 2016)
UCFTODAYStressed at Work? Your Tweets May Be Giving You Away (March 3, 2016)

The measurement equivalence study on emotional intelligence is reported in

COSNEWSDifference of Emotional Intelligence Across Cultures (Jan 19, 2016)